Agellan Commercial REIT | Management Team
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Management Team – Agellan Capital Partners Inc

Agellan Commercial REIT is managed by Agellan Capital Partners Inc (“ACPI”), which boasts a team of talented senior professionals with experience in asset management, property management, acquisitions, dispositions, financing and leasing. The senior principals of ACPI collectively have over 100 years of commercial real estate and capital markets experience, and have material holdings in the REIT’s trust units.

ACPI Inc was founded in 2003 and has an established track record of delivering above market returns to its clients, which include pension funds, institutions and private investors. Furthermore, the REIT believes that ACPI’s cross border asset management expertise and extensive relationship network across the asset classes in which it operates create a significant competitive advantage for the REIT, allowing it to pursue external growth opportunities in both the United States and Canada.

Further, the majority independent Board is comprised of Trustees with extensive experience in the real estate industry, governance and audit matters. The President of the REIT is employed internally. Among other things, the President will work with the Board to evaluate growth opportunities presented to the REIT by ACPI.

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