Investment Highlights

The objectives of the portfolio are to (i) provide stable, predictable and growing cash flow; (ii) enhance the value of the portfolio’s assets and maximize long-term value through active management and exploring value enhancement through development; and (iii) expand the asset base of the portfolio.

While Agellan believes investment in a commercial real estate platform that is diversified with respect to both asset class and geography has the potential to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns, Agellan‘s investment strategy is focused on increasing its real estate holdings in the United States. Currently, Agellan believes that acquiring additional industrial assets located in the United States will be in the best interests of its investors as valuations, financing, and operating fundamentals in the United States are currently more attractive than in Canada.

Notwithstanding the portfolio’s investment strategy, Agellan may nonetheless acquire certain properties in Canada from time to time.

The portfolio continues to focus on optimizing real estate values of its existing portfolio through active management with an emphasis on retaining existing tenants, increasing occupancy while maximizing rents, and extending the weighted average remaining lease term of the portfolio while capitalizing on select development opportunities.